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We offer subscriptions to some of the sexiest snapchats ever. Members enjoy boyfriend like privileges from private snapchat accounts.
18 U.S.C. 2257 compliance statement All models, actors, actresses and other persons who appear in any visual depiction of actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct on Teddysgirls.net are 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, when said visual depictions were created. Pursuant to Section 2257 of Title 18 of the United States Code, age verification records of all models, performers, actors, actresses and other persons who appear in actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct on this website are kept by the custodian of records. The custodian of record can be reached at [email protected].
Create an account on teddysgirls.net and select a girl from the Teddy's girls link. Then choose the type of subscription you would like, either monthly or lifetime (if offered by that Model). You will then be taken to our secure form on our payment processors servers (CCBill) to complete the transaction. Once finished you'll be re-directed back to teddysgirls.net.
Once you subscribe, the Model will be contacted by email with your Snapchat ID and you will be added within 24 hours. If for some reason you are not added within that time email us and we will contact the Model.
Yep! Existing monthly subscribers can subscribe to other Models with just one-click! Just keep in mind that you may be subject to transaction limits set by our 3rd party payment processor.
No, each model is separate.
Log in to your Teddysgirls.net account and click "cancel" on the right of the models name in the table listing who you are subscribed to.
When you purchase a monthly subscription you will be deleted when your current billing period ends, 30 days from when you were most recently billed.

Models FAQ's

Models are paid out 75% of each subscription. On recurring subscriptions you will continue to earn 75% each time the subscription re-bills. On lifetime subscriptions you will earn 75% for the pay period in which is was earned.
Our 3rd party payment processing fees (thru CCBill) are split proportionately between the Models and TeddysGirls.net
CCBill is our payment processor and will pay you directly.
Billing Schedule. CCBill's Billing Schedule runs from Sunday to Saturday. On Tuesdays we review the transactions on your account for the Billing Schedule Period and if a payout is necessary it will be sent the following Monday (unless Monday is a bank and/or Federal holiday in the U.S., in which case it will be sent the first available business day after the holiday). ACH Express funds are sent for receipt on Friday.
Minimum payouts:
ACH Transfers: $25.00
ACH Express: $100.00
USPS (Mail) Checks: $25.00
FedEx Checks: $50.00
Wire Transfers: $100.00
TeddysGirls is super selective on who we showcase for our premium Snapchat services. We have a very large social media presence and assist our Models in any way we can to gain as many subscribers as possible.
A chargeback is when one of your subscribers disputes the charge on their credit card with their credit card provider and wants to be refunded for the charge. Unfortunately, our 3rd party payment provider (CCBill) must then deduct that charge from your earnings if that happens.
It is best to contact CCBill directly, since they pay you and will have the most accurate information available. Make sure you have your login credentials and Affiliate ID handy. You can log in here or you can call them directly at 800.510.2859.