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Jasmine G here!
First off id like to thank you for stopping by my page!
You and many others are exactly why i have choose this career path.
March 2017,
i decided to become a full time content creator and fetish film model.
what made me embark on this journey?
I believe strongly' what i put out into the world will come back to me...
with that being said i want nothing but Love, positive vibes, friendships and non judgmental kinks in my life. The more i learn about life i see too many people being bullied, and judged for trying to be themselves. This saddens me because if we all took the time to understand someones reasoning and furthermore "kink" in a relationship, the world would be a better place.
I'm passionate about what i do, not only do i want to change the lives of others, but i want others to change my life... for the better.
I will be going on my second year in the business,
I've learned so much, worked with other amateur and professional porn stars. i will be closing 2018 with filming over 440 Videos/ custom videos. and having exceeded 4 Premium snap chat accounts (friend limits).
i am so blessed and humbled by the people i have met along the way.
i hope that i get to exchange life changing experiences with you as well if your reading this and feel like you'd like to join me on this journey!

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